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Blast Annual 2020 Vol 2 Printed Book

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Blast Annual 2020: Volume 2 PDF Book

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FREE CRAZY BLASTER V1.2 game by Misfit. Amstrad CPC, ZX Speccy and C64 files.

What's inside Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1

What's inside Blast Annual 2020: Volume 2

About Us

Blast Annual could not and would not be possible without the massive contribution of the retro gaming community.

It is our entire reason of existence. By creating new and original content in stunningly presented books by graphic artist Lobo, our goal is to support the retro gaming community by show casing their gaming passion and love affair as much as we possibly can.

Our team comprises 10 main members, however over 60 retro gaming community enthusiasts contributed to writing game reviews and gaming articles in Blast Annual 2020: Volume 1 & 2.

It is the retro gaming community that has made Blast Annual 2020 a reality and we can’t thank them enough for supporting us and creating the biggest and best retro gaming annuals ever.

If anyone wishes to become involved in contributing for future Blast Annual books please contact me by joining our Facebook group at

Retro gaming is awesome, the retro gaming community is amazing long live retro gaming and their wonderful machines!!!


Charity and Sponsorship

In the past with John Kavanagh and 8 Bit Annual books we provided some funds and posters for charity organizations Pixels For Cancer and the Special Effect organizations.

When people have asked for my help I have been glad to provide it. In his early coding days, German 8 bit game developer Sebastian Brunette required help with his games so I provided some contacts – Shining and Lobo.

I  am a massive fan of 8 bit game dev contests. I have provided support with financial sponsorship and been a judge for the ZX Dev 2019 contest, as well as the Amstrad CPC RetroDev contest in 2018, 2019 and once again in 2020.

I have also provided funds for No Recess to live his dream to attend Alchemy Party 2019, in France. He was able to meet up with the rest of his team and present his Sonix GX work in progress game to the gaming community in person.

I believe in supporting the retro gaming community is vital to keeping it alive. If you are seeking sponsorship or help with anything I am happy to discuss and see how I and Blast Annual can support the retro gaming community into the future.

Our Customer Reviews

Customer Rate Us:

Customer Review By Darren Doyle (greyfox Books) (verified owner) – September 28, 2020

When deciding to purchase any form of physical or digital media that covers classic retro games, Developers insights or special features across multiple vintage platforms, I am always wary about stepping into such entities, but wow does this annual deliver!. Over 200 pages of engaging content, news, reviews, scene coverage and more, Blast Annual delivers on all goals in bringing you a fantastic read layout and form, the team have done such a sterling job and with being a designer myself, I have very impressed with the work that will most definitely separate this from many fanzine attempts, this simply is above that standard and seriously will be looking forward to the next Blast Annual production.

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